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23 May 2018

LABS Azrieli Sarona, TLV

One Day. One Track. One Community.

Amir Shevat: Real-life Serverless

Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat, VP of Developer Experience at Twitch

Previously Director of Developer Relations at Slack, also built Google's GDE & Launchpad programs. Author of O'Reilly's Designing Bots book

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Five day-to-day examples: Workflows I've used, and those I never would

Like every technology trend Serverless can be an amazing tool that opens up exciting new use cases, and empower existing use cases. But like most of these types of technology trends, it can also be abused or mis-use - Using Serverless in the wrong use cases, or set of requirements, will send you off the a wild goose chase and potentially lost of productivity and performance. In this session we will review 4 common and productive use cases for Serverless workflows, and learn about areas where Serverless is still under performing compared to other technologies. After this session you will have a better understanding of when to use Serverless and where it shines.


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