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23 May 2018

LABS Azrieli Sarona, TLV

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Avishai Ish-Shalom: Total Cloud Immersion

Avishai Ish-Shalom

Avishai Ish-Shalom, Engineeer in Residence @ Aleph VC

Avishai is a veteran operations and software engineer with years of high scale production experience. After spending many years in startup and web companies, Avishai now serves as Engineer in Residence in Aleph VC fund. In his spare time, Avishai is spreading weird ideas and conspiracy theories like DevOps and Operations Engineering.

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In a world without servers, what happens to clients?

6 years ago, I wrote my first "serverless" application: Fewbytes' clients timesheets interface. This was an AppEngine application, and its architecture was similar to other server applications - clients communicating with a central piece of code which talks on their behalf to other components. But today, with the growing power and sophistication of Cloud platforms, our familiar architectural patterns fail us. To fully unleash the power of the Cloud, a new type of architectural pattern is required, one in which there is no central server and many peers cooperate. We need a truly Cloud Native architecture: Total Cloud Immersion


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