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23 May 2018

LABS Azrieli Sarona, TLV

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Eduardo Laureano: Real-world serverless patterns and caveats

Eduardo Laureano

Eduardo Laureano, Principal PM Lead @ Azure Functions

Beyond building serverless products at Azure, Eduardo has been at Microsoft for over 15 years, on several services such as Bing (building ML classifiers) and many others. Also swims, bikes and runs occasionally :-)

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Learn from enterprise production examples how to leverage serverless in your apps

The cloud application development world has been adopting serverless very rapidly in various eclectic scenarios. Companies have been using serverless in many innovative, sometimes surprising, ways. There are places where serverless is a perfect fit, and many others where it works best combined with non-serverless components. In this session, we’ll analyze real-world usage of serverless in a few architectures used by Azure customers. The main serverless technologies being highlighted are Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Event Grid.


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