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23 May 2018

LABS Azrieli Sarona, TLV

One Day. One Track. One Community.


Serverless Days TLV is developer-oriented conference about Serverless tech. We believe in show, don't tell sessions, in which developers share their experience and lessons from actual projects.

Our main interests are lessons learned from real-life projects, architecture, security, performance and monitoring.

Serverless Days Tel Aviv is aimed for seasoned cloud developers and entrepreneurs. We will skip introductory tutorials and hello, worlds and focus on lessons learned by local and international users with extensive experience.

Serverless Days TLV is member of Serverless Days (AKA JeffConf), a family of events around the world fostering communities around Serverless tech. We follow and enforce the Serverless Days Code of Conduct.

Tickets cost 50 ILS. Proceeds are donated to The Public Knowledge Workshop.


09:00 Breakfast Breakfast
09:45 Adam Matan Adam Matan: Opening Notes

10:00 Amir Shevat Amir Shevat: Real-life Serverless   (Keynote)

Five day-to-day examples: Workflows I've used, and those I never would

10:30 Haim Yadid Haim Yadid: The Taste of AWS Lambda in Production

How we integrated AWS Lambda into our technology stack

10:50 Shimon Tolts Shimon Tolts: Monolith to Serverless

The cultural shift from Monolith to Serverless

11:10 Eduardo Laureano Eduardo Laureano: Real-world serverless patterns and caveats

Learn from enterprise production examples how to leverage serverless in your apps

11:30 Ran Tavory Ran Tavory: Stories From the Trenches: What Worked and Didn't Work for Us Using Aws Lambda

Lessons learned implementing a web crawler and a GraphQL API atop AWS Lambda

11:40 Alex Badyan Alex Badyan: Orchestrating Serverless Flows

Using AWS Step Functions to orchestrate your serverless components

11:50 Avishai Ish-Shalom Avishai Ish-Shalom: Total Cloud Immersion

In a world without servers, what happens to clients?

12:20 Lunch Lunch
13:20 Boaz Ziniman Boaz Ziniman: Serverless Architectural Patterns

Serverless patterns to deploy your workloads without managing servers

13:50 Ory Segal Ory Segal: Serverless Security

What Are We Up Against?

14:10 Ran Ribenzaft Ran Ribenzaft: Monitoring Serverless Applications

What we should all worry about when monitoring serverless applications

14:30 Orit Nissan-Messing Orit Nissan-Messing: How to Go Serverless to Enable Faster and Simpler AI

Introducing serverless technologies which boost AI from development to production

14:50 Vadim Raskin and Andreas Nauerz Vadim Raskin and Andreas Nauerz: Operating Serverless at Scale

Perks for developers and lessons learned being a serverless platform vendor

15:10 Or Hiltch Or Hiltch: Serverless ETLs at Skyline AI

How we manage execution our army of ETLs using Serverless technology

15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Yan Cui Yan Cui: Microservice principles for Serverless   (Keynote)

Applying the best parts of Microservice to Serverless

16:30 David Gussarsky and Amir Shevat David Gussarsky and Amir Shevat: Fireside chat: Serverless Entrepreneurship

17:00 Closing notes & Goodbye! Closing notes & Goodbye!



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